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“The products, ongoing and after sales service are consistently of a very high standard and represent value for money…”
F Martin, Principal,
St Anne’s Primary School, Finaghy, Belfast



Air Cleaner

This effective equipment consists of a small fan that draws polluted air through a carbon filter and over a pleasant fragrance before releasing it back into the room.

Although the Air Cleaner is mains operated, a passive infrared sensor keeps running costs to a minimum by activating the unit only when the room is in use.

Air Cleaner Specifications




White µPVC

Inlet Filter

Carbon activated


Passive infra-red


45 seconds on, 10 seconds off upon detection of movement


Shaded pole induction


20W (3 Amp Fuse)


220-240V 50Hz


208 x 200 x 133mm

Control Electronics


Aroma Autosan AutoSanitizer Hygiene System

The automatic solution to maintain washroom cleanliness.

Ensures toilets and urinals are:

  • always sanitized
  • always presentable
  • always odour free


  • Ideal for use in high image washroom facilities where hygiene is a prime concern
  • Automatic Dispensing - microchip circuitry allows customised programming to meet different cleaning requirements
  • Continually Dispensing - Operates independently to flushing
  • Purinel - ultra concentrated odourless cleaner with broad spectrum efficacy against bacteria, virus, fungi, yeast, algae, molds and mildew Keeps urinals and toilets always sanitized
  • 99.9% germ kill on first flush
  • Prevents the risk of disease and cross infection
  • Stops bacteria from growing
  • Prevents malodours Keeps urinals and toilets always clean
  • Cleans everywhere water goes - pipes, surfaces and traps
  • Actually attacks hard water deposits and prevents build-up of residue and blockages
  • Prevents scaling and unsightly stains
  • Reduces the time and frequency required for cleaning, maintenance and inspection
  • Keeps urinals and toilets always odour-free
  • Continuous cleaning and removal of odour causing bacteria
  • Contains active odour inhibitor
  • Malodours are eliminated at source
  • Customised programming to meet individual needs
  • Automatic and controlled delivery of Purinel
  • Programming options - Normal/Light/Heavy - Auto/24 hour- Night/Day
  • Visual/Audio refill and battery indicators
  • Refill Life - Can last up to 120 days
  • Service Model - Customised programming to meet service needs
  • Automatic and controlled delivery of Purinel
  • Battery and power indicators
  • Refill Life - 30 days - 45 days - 60 days
  • Designed to last- Dispenser has a 5 year guarantee
  • Battery life lasts up to 2 years
  • 100% compliance with European legislation i.e. C.E. and high water pressure
  • Installation- Allow 10-15 minutes to install
  • AutoSanitizer installation options: - In-Line kit - Saddle kit - DMP kit Install Batteries and Purinel

AutoSanitizer vs Other Leading Systems


Other Leading Systems


Consistent strength and effectiveness of sanitizing solution

Strength and effectiveness of cleaning agent variable and inconsistent

Programmable measured dosing system

Dosing depends on the flush, not programmable

2. Cleaning & Hygiene Performance

Visible cleaning - Purinel foams as it cleans

No visible sign of cleaning

Tested to guarantee at least double the cleaning effectiveness

In tests did not clean as effectively

99.9% germ kill on first flush

Less effective germ kill

De-scales and prevents build-up

Inferior de-scaling properties

3. Operation and Maintenance Control

Choice of programming options

No programming options

Provides exact indication of how long refills will last

Refill needs constant checking

One system for multiple urinals maintains efficiency

Less effective on multiple urinals

Self-contained refill bottle - no risk of leakage or spillage

Bulk filling increases personal risk from spillages

Purinel is biodegradable and safer to handle

Other cleaners are corrosive – requires careful handling

4. Installation and Guarantees

Dispenser has a 5 year guarantee

No guarantee

Hi-tech design for durability and improved image

Less durable and more risk of vandalism

Easily installed on de-mountable panels

De-mountable panel installation more difficult and unattractive

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Available as a fixed FX40 or portable PT100 unit, the NeutraZone acts as both a deodoriser and a disinfectant. By utilising ozone (activated oxygen) to reach even the most inaccessible corners, this unit eradicates bacteria leaving an unperfumed fresh smell.

Neutrazone Specifications





241 x 140 x 70mm

302 x 115 x 118mm


1.4 Kg

2.1 Kg

Power Rating

12 watts

12 watts







Maximum Ozone Output






Awaiting Image

Awaiting Image