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“The products, ongoing and after sales service are consistently of a very high standard and represent value for money…”
F Martin, Principal,
St Anne’s Primary School, Finaghy, Belfast



Baby Change Stations Horizontal & Vertical

Busy parents appreciate clean, well-equipped areas where they can change their baby. Not only will this service increase the amount of time that customers spend visiting your establishment but will also result in their repeat business. AROMA has a range of products that will ensure that mum or dad can attend to their child safely and hygienically.


AROMA offers a versatile baby changing unit ideal for WCs and areas with restricted space. The Babyminder is available in horizontal or vertical format and folds away when not in use to cause minimum disruption to traffic.

Babyminder Specifications


Textured, colour-fast HDPE Optional stainless steel construction available


Neutral off-white


Changing stations - up to 130 Kg

Restraining Straps

Colour co-ordinated heavy duty nylon - fully adjustable

Opening Angle

Opens to 87° (tilting horizontal surface to wall)

Liner Capacity

Up to 50 liners per unit

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Nappy Bin 50ltr

This necessary facility will help avoid blockages and overflowing due to nappies being flushed down WCs or stuffed in sanitary bins. Operating alongside Airstream's feminine hygiene service, you will be assured of effective, efficient and hygienic disposal.

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Aroma Safe/Seat

Pump spray sanitiser for cleaning and sanitising toilet seats.

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Aroma Sanitary Disposal Bag Holder


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