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“The products, ongoing and after sales service are consistently of a very high standard and represent value for money…”
F Martin, Principal,
St Anne’s Primary School, Finaghy, Belfast



Dynamic & Skyliner

This new range of air filtration units combine all the advantages of the Focus Air 16000 with a prefilter as well as the HEPA filter for better air quality. For added convenience, both units are controlled by a hand held infra-red remote control unit, allowing selection of one of 3 speed settings. The Dynamic unit is recommended for existing buildings and can be installed on most ceilings. The Skyliner is an alternative that is suitable for refurbishments or new build where the unit can be recessed into the ceiling.

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Awaiting Image

Air Focus 16000

This unit consists of 4 pressure chambers and a HEPA filter, ensuring even distribution of clean air in all directions. For stubborn problems or confined areas, some of the vents may be closed to boost output in a particular direction.

Focus Air 16000 is controlled via a hard wired variable speed switch with 3 settings, allowing complete management of your air filtration system.

Focus-Air air cleaners have been developed to meet a wide range of environmental control situations.

  • Adjustable outlets mean you can deal with a wider range of conditions
  • clear pockets of stale air from the corners of off shaped rooms
  • keep air circulating to maintain a fresh clean atmosphere
  • Compact easy change filter cartridges have three layers to remove pollutants and odours
  • Available in two capacities - room size up to 5,000 cuft or up to 16,000 cuft.
  • Designed to suit most installation applications
  • RIR remote control
  • Quiet in operation
  • Ultra economical - only uses the same as 2 light bulbs

We believe that no other system currently offers the versatility and power of FOCUS-AIR equipment.

It is now a legal requirement to install air cleaning equipment in many public areas and work places especially where smoking is allowed.

Room Size

5,00 cu ft

16,000 cu ft


468 mm

682 mm


444 mm

660 mm


180 mm

180 mm


135 kg

28.0 kg


90 watts

280 watts


220/240 volts

220/240 volts

Current (approx)

0.4 amps

1.2 amps

Air Flow changes/hr

4.8 (cu.ft/min)

4.5 (cu.ft/min)

Filter Life

up to 6 months depending on contamination levels

Speed Control

3 speeds plus boost. Infra red remote control.